I Finally "Get" the iPad

The past few days and nights I have been exploring the iPad a little more in depth. (Haven't been able to sleep due to cold and allergy medicine:)) Surely I could find a use for this other than as a consumption device. Seems I might have:)
Basically I just started carrying the thing around hoping it would come in handy.

-I discovered the ability to upload Pages files through iTunes so I could make and upload templates.
-A less tech experienced principal uses his all the time. (But I don't what apps etc. he uses.
-Stumbled across a blog of a classroom of 1st or 2nd grade students using a class set of ipads. Seriously, if 6-7 yr. olds can figure it out I should be able to.
-Chris Lehman posted an awesome post about using Google Forms to provide teachers with quality feedback and ongoing professional conversations.

There's way more to this story than this but I'm not a fan of really long posts. 
So, here I sit posting to my blog from my iPad. I guess I'm finally figuring it out. I'll keep you "posted."   

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