Curtain Call on the June Challenge - Whew!!!

Well that's a wrap! Back in May Larry Fliegelman and I challenged each other to write a blog post every day the month of June. It started with a tweet from Kim and her blog Write Now! The original challenge was to read the book Spilling Ink (I think I read one chapter) and post about a chapter a day. I don't think either of us made 30/30 but it was a great experience and I have made many new connections through this.

Many times I am asked why I blog so here it is.....
  • I like to
  • Making connections with other principals and teachers
  • Sharing and receiving GREAT ideas outside the boundaries of my district
  • Helping people
  • If teachers they teach in a box, imagine principals not having other principals across the hall to run to for ideas, advice, venting etc.
My blogging challenges......
  • Coming up with ideas
  • Proof reading
  • Finding images that are CC - some of mine probably aren't and I need to pay more attention to that
  • Blog bling - what should I include in the sidebars
  • Being REALLY open - Most of my readers probably do not know my "real" opinions or educational philosophy because it is continuously evolving. My blog is also read by many teachers and community members in my district. Standardized testing makes me want to puke so you can only imagine how I feel about evaluating teachers based on the performance of one test only administered to 3rd and 4th graders. I don't have high blood pressure but just typing these thoughts probably raised it a little. I am going to find that "voice" eventually or at least speak out to the right people. If principals and teachers aren't speaking it out how will anything ever change.
  • Until then I will continue to tweet, read & subscribe to blogs, listen to podcasts, and support my teachers:)
The End - Well not THE end but the END of the June Challenge:)
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