Why I "need" an iPhone4 - Day 11 of challenge

Let's face it, I don't really NEED an iPhone4 but I sure should have one! Below is my Top Ten list why my husband needs to buy this for me for our 10th anniversary:

10. 10 yrs = "Aluminum Anniversary = iPhone has to have some type of aluminum-ish metal in it somewhere.
9.  The iPhone is scheduled to be available the exact date of my anniversary. June 24
8.  I showed great restraint when the iPad was released
7.  It's thinner
6.  I can record and edit movies of my children to send to family
5.  The folders option can help me organize all my Apps. (I have A LOT.)
4.  Multitasking - I have wanted the iPhone to do this since the Palm came out with it.
3.  Longer battery life
2.  I can keep the unlimited plan
1.  Scott Elias is getting one and I have one-up him.:)

So tune in for my "Anniversary iPhone Post" and see how it turns out!