Summer Office Organization - Day 10

My office is a disaster by the end of the school year. For the last 3-4 weeks of school I usually just let it go and keep adding to piles. After the teachers and students are dismissed for the summer I know I will have time to clean/purge whatever is needed.
(I wish I would have taken a picture before I started but these will have to do. )
My daily documentation system is a paper system. I know that is shocking since some of you might think I am so tech savvy:)

  • My documentation is kept on a clipboard. This is an Outlook daily page from 7AM-7PM. 
  • I tried to print Google calendar pages but they don't print the right time range. 
  • Behind each daily page on the clipboard I keep a blank lined paper to take notes for the day.
  • Sometimes there are notes and sometimes not. 
  • I print 2 weeks documentation at a time. 

So I just realized that I have 6 years of documentation binders! I usually do not have to go back through these binders but you never know. But I probably do not need to keep them in binders anymore and could free up some space:) 
Sooooooo....I am spending the next couple of days scanning all this documentation to our school server or Evernote. I added my Evernote email to the office copy machine so I can just go ahead and scan directly. I was emailing my school email and then forwarding to Evernote and that was not working.
This picture is only a small amount of my most recent documentation.(Highlighted in green.) It should only take me a little time to scan this today. Then I can give the teachers these binders to use for their Reading binders:)

The reason I chose Evernote is because I can search by any word that might be in the document. Searching my files on my computer takes forever and I can never remember the exact title of the document. AND I have Evernote on my iPhone and can access it anytime, anywhere. Not that I ever do but I could:)

Now I have to work on the "binders" stored in the teacher mailroom/junk room. Remember when binders were the thing "in thing?" The more the better and who could make the coolest spine and cover page?


  1. thanks for creating & maintaing this site! I look forward to getting pointers.

  2. I'm a daily clipboard person too (that gives me a blog idea of what's on my clip board). I also keep a paper calendar, but my secretary actually keeps it for people to make appointments with her and I photocopy it off each week.

  3. Mr. McCracken -I'll keep it up if it helps:)
    Jessica- Yes please share what's on your clipboard! I always resort back to the clipboard even if I try something new for a while.