Sucker for a Twitter Challenge

Jeesh! Here I go again. Hopefully I can make it all the way through June on this challenge.
Today I retweeted a challenge by @teachergirl89......Spilling Ink" challenge... blogging every day in June...Who's up for it? http://tinyurl.com/nc7gg3

Then @fliegs replied he would do it if I did it. Oh man, how can back down now? Well let's just see how it goes. The book Spilling Ink is not at the local book stores and will take some time to get here. So we agreed to at least post every day in June and when we get the book go from there.

I did actually go to Amazon and read the excerpts they have there and I am excited to read the book now. I think kids would love it. It is a down to earth book about being a writer. I struggle with writing myself. I feel like I can write a "mean" school newsletter and/or parent letter but blogging and twitter are not as natural to me. That sounds pretty pathetic I am sure.

Tune it to see how this evolves. If you are like me and don't have much showing up in your reader these days.... it might make for some light/humorous reading.

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