Spilling Ink ARRIVED - Day 9 Challenge

Finally, the reason behind all this madness has arrived on my desk! The original challenge was to read and post about the book Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook, daily for the month of June. My dilemma was that it was going to take so long for the book to arrive, what was I to do in the meantime? So it's here and this may the only post regarding the actual book which = the reason for the June Challenge.

The past two years our building has been working on teaching writing through the Missouri Reading Initiative. This was a three year initiative that has ended but how do we carry on all the things we learned? Anytime I see or read something on Twitter about literacy it catches my eye. I wonder, "What are other schools doing and could we do that?" Taking the "Spilling Ink Challenge" was a way for me to work on my own writing. (It might take longer than the month of June to improve my writing but at least I am trying.:)

If independent writing is something you expect your students to do on a daily basis, how about you try it? Challenge yourself to write something every day. It's a lot harder than I imagined. I love to blog but for me it is finding the time to do it. Time is one of the excuses I use in public. My private reasons for not blogging as often is fear. What do people think of what I write? Does anyone read this stuff? If they do read it, does it help them at all? Many of the people who read this do not KNOW me as a person so what perception am I giving off in all this writing?

Well regardless of the answers to the above questions I am in it until the end of June at least:)