School-wide Behavior Expectations(aka Positive Behavior Expectations)

The PBS philosophy has been around for a few years. Let me begin by saying we are not going through the formal PBS training provided by our regional PD centers. A couple other schools within my district are going through this process with their staff as well. Sometimes schools/teachers do not realize how much they can accomplish on their own. We are not opposed to inviting trainers to help out but we think we can get the ball rolling on our own.

At our last Leadership Team meeting before the teachers went home for the summer we talked about the need for school-wide behavior expectations in certain locations and/or scenarios in our school. We do not have a HUGE discipline problem but we could stand to have a little more order during transitional periods or unstructured times during the day. (Hallway, restroom, cafeteria, etc.)

We are not reinventing the wheel so to speak. We are using resources and information off of other school websites to create our philosophies/forms etc. I have been doing a lot of the initial creation because I am still "on the clock." I did share our behavior matrix with the teachers through our Google Apps account so they can add to work I already started. We will meet again before school starts to tweak our collaborative online work and decide how to present to the teachers.

Our Universals:
R-Respect Each Other
0-Observe Safety
A-Attitude is everything
R-Responsible Choices

Below are links to some of the resources I have referred to:
Mrs. Avery's Class
Emerson Elementary, Joplin, MO

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  1. You might find my "School Behavior Solution" program hard to believe.


    But you also might be intrigued. I'll be happy to answer your questions. While my presentation is for superintendents, that is only because an entire school system needs to be doing this for the drastic changes to be experienced.