Pogo Stylus - How did I miss this? - June Challenge

Seriously? How did this get passed me? (I am sure I can find some way to blame @scottelias for holding out on me with this:) My fake nails kept me from buying the 1st gen iPhone so if I had known about this.... Steve Jobs could have had another $699 3 yrs ago. Can you remember how expensive the 1st iPhone was? Holy crap?

(I first read about Pogo Stylus in a post by Scott McLeod. This is a really good post and I highly recommend reading if you want to get the most out of your iPad.)

Now all jokes aside, this is a pretty good idea even if only for my daughter. She LOVES the iPad but I think she needs to work on "writing" at her age. Now she can work on writing on the iPad! The touch screen is great. Don't get me wrong, but that's not developmentally appropriate for my 4 year old. At least not in 2010. Maybe it will be some day but I still think kids need to "hand write" well.

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