My iPad Thoughts So Far - Post 3 of June Challenge

This is actually not my own iPad but one purchased for the school. Our assignment has been to evaluate it for it's use in education. Sooooooo....I'm not doing so well with that:) Here are my random thoughts:

  • I did not sync it correctly and all my iPhone apps ended up on it the first time. I am still in the process of deleting ALL apps that are not compatible for the iPad. Some only show up in the iPhone size and when you 2x's them it distorts the image. Not a fan of that:)
  • The apps in green are the apps I or my daughters have used most often.
  • Currently I use it as a "reader." It is really easy to just pick up and read email, the internet, or books I have downloaded.
  • Since I can just leave this laying around I use it more often than my laptop now. That is one of the most surprising things to me. My laptop is always positioned on the kitchen counter but now the iPad holds that coveted position.
  • The apps in green on the 2nd image are apps that my daughters use the most of want to play with the most.
  • Apps are expensive! I quit downloading the free iPhone apps that are not compatible to the iPad. It is annoying that the apps are not the right size. 
Tune in tomorrow for some ideas on using this in the classroom:)


  1. Have you looked at the MobiStories apps. We have simple board books where each page turns into a jigsaw puzzle and a couple of other great interactive book based apps.