It's an iPhone4 Anniversary! - June Challenge

For those of you who stayed tuned to see if my iPhone4 actually arrived for my 10th anniversary.....it arrived early! Yesterday I semi-secretly tested out my new iPhone. Didn't want to post too much to twitter as I was seeing twitpics of all the lines at all the stores and I felt a little guilty. Didn't really want to drive by and wave my new phone box out the window. But curiosity got the best of me and I did journey around town to see if there was any hoopla locally.....nope. At least last night I could not find any lines:)

After downloading iOS4 at the beginning of the week I was almost regretting ordering the new iPhone. iOS4 really does everything the new phone does. I have not tried all the new features yet and will enjoy doing that the next few days.

1st Impressions:
  • The new retina vision or whatever it is called is pretty awesome
  • It's pretty sleek/flatter I guess
  • Felt really breakable until I got a new case this morning
  • I used Google voice and I am not sure it is set up correctly now, I couldn't remember my voicemail password.
  • Love the way the Apps look like they are floating, but that goes along with all iOS4
  • Battery doesn't seem to last longer I don't think, full charge yesterday at 4PM and it's at 27% right now. So that would be less than 24 hour life. Hmmm?
Image credit - and I think you can buy this cake topper if you would like:)

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