Google Docs Collaboration - Day (? I lost track:)

Next year my building will be using Google Docs to collaborate. Here are some of our current uses and hopefully future uses:


  • Leadership Team agenda and minutes - The agenda is typed up and shared through Google Apps. We type the minutes directly onto the agenda. There is an original template that I copy so that we don't have to redo the agenda every time.
  • 3rd Grade Planning - My 3rd grade team is planning their grade level meetings in Google Docs. They commented that they actually get more done in a short amount of time because they can just fill in the document and not even have to talk about things because it has already been addressed. (This is a pretty cool thing for them.)
  • Curriculum Pacing Guides - A district committee created Math pacing guides and we are actually using Sites to store the information. When we were not able to type into Sites because of tech glitches I notice that the different groups were typing in Google docs so that the information could be shared with the right people.
  • Behavior Matrix planning - We are creating a consistent behavior expectations matrix and this was created in Google Docs as a "table" and the teachers can add their thoughts. No has added any thoughts but I will continue to send links and ask for feedback.
  • (I think there is more but I don't want this post to get too long.)
  • All grade level meetings
  • All committee/cadre meetings
  • Lesson plans - This is a long shot because this is such a personal thing. Everyone has their way of doing lesson plans just like I have my way of documentations. It would make it easier for me to see their lesson plans but "easier for me" is not a good reason at all.:) It would have to benefit them and they would have to see the value. If they found value in sharing with their grade levels and then could share with me that would be great!
  • PTO website with agendas and minutes in docs but linked on the website. We already set my PTO president up with an Apps account we just need to try this one out.
  • Student reading logs in Forms
  • Reading/writing workshop student conference logs in Forms
I'll keep you posted!