Adult Podcasts for PD for Adults - Day 8

This is about adults listening to podcasts for adults, NOT podcasting for students or students creating podcasts. Although that is really great too, I think we don't realize all the resources out there for us.

The first podcast that I ever listened to was WOW - Women of the Web. At the time I thought I was listening to a “podcast” but I actually started out listening to LIVE webcasts then realized I didn’t have to show up “live” every time they were on. I could just subscribe in iTunes and listen at my liesure.

I strongly recommend that you explore the world of podcasting. I was hooked after just a couple of downloads. My car has become my “vehicle” for personal learning. My two daughters make it a little challenging to listen to live webcasts any more but I can download a variety of “shows” to my iPhone.

Podcasts I created:
The Podcasting Principal - I abandoned this podcast when Scott Elias and I started The Practical Principals but there are still some episodes you might enjoy.
The Practical Principals - Practical advice on topics and issues you didn’t learn about in Grad school.

Favorites to subscribe to:
TWiT = This Week in Tech
TWiG = This Week in Google
Entreprenurial Thought Leaders = Standford University
Small Schools Big Tech


  1. I am addicted to listening to podcasts...I only wish there were more principal podcasts to listen to!!

  2. I know. I enjoy it but also wish I had more time to record.