Unintentional Hiatus from Social Networking

At a time when I should have a lot to say I find myself with nothing. #edchat every week, Race to the Top controversy, school funding is in toilet. But I've got nothing.
Maybe it is just out of my frustration for all of it. I still read my Twitter feed all the time but hesitate to post. I anxiously check my Google Reader hoping someone else has posted some words of wisdom that will inspire me again and they do, often. But still, I've got nothing. Actually, I have a lot to say but it just doesn't come out as eloquently as others.

Twitter - For me this is a way to connect with other principals and share ideas. I think we are all so busy it's hard for all of us to find time to blog reflectively right now:) I also enjoy the socializing that goes along with my Twitter friends and their menus on the weekends.:) I am certain that if we all got together and prepared our favorite meals it would be quite a feast:)

Blogging - This is it! You are looking at it. I actually have a weekly staff blog that I do not share publicly that I do keep up with. This is a "memo" type blog and not as reflective as it probably should be.

Facebook - I am not a fan. I have a personal account and I have created an account for my school. My school account is actually a great addition to my school-wide communication. I think I have 102 fans and most parents of my students. It's just hard to keep up a school website, school Facebook page, send weekly parent emails, keep up with Supt.'s weekly newsletter we have to post to, etc. I keep thinking that due to all of Facebook's privacy issues another company is going to come along and right what Facebook does wrong.

Flickr - Great for photo sharing! My family is still using Kodak Gallery and I am contemplating going back at least for family photos. My new Eye-fi card for my camera is awesome. I just turn my camera on and the photos upload automatically to my hard drive AND Flickr. Our district is "going Google" so I am also considering Picasa.

Time - Two little girls, after I stared my social networking career, seem to fill my "free time." now. As I write this they are running through the house tormenting the dog with cereal:) I usually catch up on my Twitter feed at night when I lay down with them. I am so busy soaking up all the great information I forget to add to the conversation.

Podcasting - The Practical Principals have taken a major backseat lately. I think Scott is in the same situation I am with 2 small children. We can never coordinate our schedules just perfectly to record. We finally met in person in February and haven't recorded since.

Balance - Once again I try to find balance. Through all of this I have discovered a new appreciation for my job and have some exciting new ideas for next year. (For my teachers who read this it should not include more work for you:)) We are reading to wrap up this year but I am also ready to start next year with a renewed sense of service to kids and teachers.

Photo credit = My 1st attempt at an iPad drawing:)


  1. Hi Melinda,
    I also have taken a hiatus from blogging mainly because I feel as if I have run out of ideas to blog about. Is this possible? Actually, I do have some ideas, but I have become a little nervous about posting them since I am aware that some parents read my blog, and I am worried that my newly developed thoughts might offend them. So, that has put my blogging into limbo. I am not sure how to work through this. I wonder if blogging has run its course, and maybe there are other ways to share my thoughts without offending my school community.
    What do you think?

  2. I have felt that blogging has run it's course but it has been a really good reflection tool for me. I keep my controversial opinions to myself usually. That is why I am having a hard time. A lot people blog about their controversial opinions and I am not comfortable with that. I have tons of ideas to blog about but don't want other to see me as "arrogantly" posting ideas. I really thought Nings were going to be the way to go because you could make them private but now there is a fee:) I wonder what others are thinking?