Getting Control of Email

My end of the week email goal is always "Inbox Zero." Some of you may notice that every now and then I post to this to twitter. It is a great feeling but never really lasts more than a minute or two before something else enters my inbox.

After Lisa Thuman posted her14,000 emails to Inbox Zero post I decided to keep better documentation of my experience "Getting Control of Email." Just as with Lisa it all started at #gtadmin and Henry Theile's short presentation on Gmail. The main "take away" from his presentation was the power of gmail's "Filter messages like these" option.

It took me almost one month to feel like I had made some progress. Before "filtering" I was clicking on "Report Spam" and then deleting everything. But I never really saw any big difference in the amount of email that was coming in. Now I am almost disappointed sometimes when I check my mail and there is nothing new:)

You should try it! Use Gmail and "filter messages like these!"

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