Getting Control of Email

My end of the week email goal is always "Inbox Zero." Some of you may notice that every now and then I post to this to twitter. It is a great feeling but never really lasts more than a minute or two before something else enters my inbox.

After Lisa Thuman posted her14,000 emails to Inbox Zero post I decided to keep better documentation of my experience "Getting Control of Email." Just as with Lisa it all started at #gtadmin and Henry Theile's short presentation on Gmail. The main "take away" from his presentation was the power of gmail's "Filter messages like these" option.

It took me almost one month to feel like I had made some progress. Before "filtering" I was clicking on "Report Spam" and then deleting everything. But I never really saw any big difference in the amount of email that was coming in. Now I am almost disappointed sometimes when I check my mail and there is nothing new:)

You should try it! Use Gmail and "filter messages like these!"
My 1st mobile post

Unintentional Hiatus from Social Networking

At a time when I should have a lot to say I find myself with nothing. #edchat every week, Race to the Top controversy, school funding is in toilet. But I've got nothing.
Maybe it is just out of my frustration for all of it. I still read my Twitter feed all the time but hesitate to post. I anxiously check my Google Reader hoping someone else has posted some words of wisdom that will inspire me again and they do, often. But still, I've got nothing. Actually, I have a lot to say but it just doesn't come out as eloquently as others.

Twitter - For me this is a way to connect with other principals and share ideas. I think we are all so busy it's hard for all of us to find time to blog reflectively right now:) I also enjoy the socializing that goes along with my Twitter friends and their menus on the weekends.:) I am certain that if we all got together and prepared our favorite meals it would be quite a feast:)

Blogging - This is it! You are looking at it. I actually have a weekly staff blog that I do not share publicly that I do keep up with. This is a "memo" type blog and not as reflective as it probably should be.

Facebook - I am not a fan. I have a personal account and I have created an account for my school. My school account is actually a great addition to my school-wide communication. I think I have 102 fans and most parents of my students. It's just hard to keep up a school website, school Facebook page, send weekly parent emails, keep up with Supt.'s weekly newsletter we have to post to, etc. I keep thinking that due to all of Facebook's privacy issues another company is going to come along and right what Facebook does wrong.

Flickr - Great for photo sharing! My family is still using Kodak Gallery and I am contemplating going back at least for family photos. My new Eye-fi card for my camera is awesome. I just turn my camera on and the photos upload automatically to my hard drive AND Flickr. Our district is "going Google" so I am also considering Picasa.

Time - Two little girls, after I stared my social networking career, seem to fill my "free time." now. As I write this they are running through the house tormenting the dog with cereal:) I usually catch up on my Twitter feed at night when I lay down with them. I am so busy soaking up all the great information I forget to add to the conversation.

Podcasting - The Practical Principals have taken a major backseat lately. I think Scott is in the same situation I am with 2 small children. We can never coordinate our schedules just perfectly to record. We finally met in person in February and haven't recorded since.

Balance - Once again I try to find balance. Through all of this I have discovered a new appreciation for my job and have some exciting new ideas for next year. (For my teachers who read this it should not include more work for you:)) We are reading to wrap up this year but I am also ready to start next year with a renewed sense of service to kids and teachers.

Photo credit = My 1st attempt at an iPad drawing:)