Get Your Google On - Presentation for MAESP

Here is my 1st attempt at a presentation after Google Teacher Academy for Admin. in San Antonio. I "borrowed" quite a few of these slides from presentations during the academy. I am not sure that I gave appropriate credit within the presentation but told the participants during the workshop that I "borrowed" many of the slides and who I borrowed them from:
Mark Wagner CUE
Danny Silva - iTeachAg

Unfortunately this presentation was only 1 week following the academy I didn't have time to add much detail about Google Apps for education but I explained how it would work as I went. I have spent the past 2 days exploring our district Google Apps account and coming up with some ideas that would work. It will not work to add one more thing for teachers to "own." Students need to have ownership of many of these tools.

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  1. I hope your presentation went well and that your group was receptive to your innovative ideas!!