Sharing Twitter with Non-Tweeters

Have you wanted to share the responses you receive to a twitter question without having to hold your phone up to someones face to show them?

Have you asked a question on twitter, got lots of replies, and then needed to make a paper copy for those who are not familiar with the power of twitter?

Well.... that has happened to me more than once but here is how I shared tweets, with non-tweeters on two occasions.

Question: Do you have an activity fee or charge students to participate in athletics?

I used Skitch on my Mac book and copy and pasted into a "pages" document and then emailed it to my athletic director so he could see how other school around the country afford all the extra-curriculars. (I don't remember how I did this and my Mac is not here so I can really explain in detail. I am going assume if you know how to use Skitch go ahead. If not, read below.)

Today's question: Teachers, are you filtered or unfiltered on the Internet? If not how do you work around?

Step one: I had to use my "work around password" to access the twitter website:):)
Step two: Used the "capture" feature in Jing to outline the tweets I wanted to copy. You can copy one at a time. If you lots of "mentions" in a row you can "capture" a group of tweets at time (Jing is free.)
Step three: Used the "copy" feature to copy to the clipboard
Step four: Pasted it to a publisher document (or you could use word.)
Step five: Squished it all together and printed paper copies to hand out at my meeting.

I let people watch my twitter feed and it is often confusing to them. This way I have narrowed it to specific tweets of interest. Then they can understand that power of twitter.
If you have an easier, better, or another way please share in the comments.


  1. I'm curious about the information you shared with your AD. Anyway to get a copy of what the responses were to that question? With budget's tight, everyone is looking for a way to maintain extracurriculars without sacrificing instruction. Thanks.

  2. Here is a link to the tweets for activity fees. Hope it helps!