Educon and Other stuff

This is a copy of the post that I shared with my staff today in regards to Educon2.2

Faculty Meeting - Thank you for your feedback from the faculty meeting! The "exit slips" gave me lots of info. I shared some of it with Matt so he could answer some of your questions. Some didn't have names so he will have to find you or you can seek him out:)

Race to the Top - I posted some information in the workroom and below are some informative links:

Educon2.2 - This will be the 3rd year for this conference. I have participated virtually the past 2 years.

Principal, Chris Lehman explains Educon.

  • Main website (wikispace)
  • New website - I have not looked around this one yet.
  • Tshirts - I just think this is cool and I might have to buy a sweatshirt or something:)
  • Conference Schedule - We do not arrive until after 6PM so we will miss the Friday night session
  • Session Descriptions - I have not decided on which ones to attend. It will be hard to choose. Some I would like to attend because I have gotten to know these people online and value their way of thinking but others are more applicable. I also want to bring information back to all of you. AND I have to figure out the logistics of hosting a 500 participant technology conference.
  • Attendees - Information about the people who are attending. I have not been added to list and need to add myself I guess.
  • Meet ups - Someone just decided to organize a "get together" and posted the info and anyone can just show up I guess:)
  • Directions on how to attend
  • Links to live video feeds - I do not think these feeds will be "LIVE" until Saturday. I think that when you go to this link on Saturday you will be able to watch and participate in the conference. I think this is the 1st time using Elluminate and it is free and you click and log in and follow the directions.

The past two years I kind of just went in and out sessions to see what was going on. The difference is that there is A LOT of conversation during each session. This is not like the usual conference where you sit and git. You have to participate. I sometimes disagree and will have to try to disagree politely in person. While watching in the comfort of my home I can verbalize my disagreement however I choose:)

Of course I will enjoy my time but I will also be meeting with the event planners to find out about the logistics of something like this. I would be happy to offer something like this to teachers in our area.

You might be thinking, "Why on earth are you sharing all this with me? Just go to your conference and don't bother me!" Well......Over the past 4 years I have learned more online than I have learned in my entire professional career. I do not think it is a substitute for the face to face learning I have experienced, but it just takes it to another level. The connection that I made with our book yesterday, So Few of Me, is that I wish there was more of me to be able to do all of this too! If you try to watch the conference and it doesn't work out for you, there is another one coming up that I can help you with in advance.

Thanks for reading if you actually made it to the end of my explanation!


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