Twitter Addiction - How bad have you got it?

How addicted to Twitter are you? Are you willing to admit it? I actually just saw a tweet by @stevejmoore regarding a twitter addiction quiz. I don't really need a quiz to determine how bad I am.
Not so much that I actually "tweet" very often but I have to load whichever twitter application I am currently using on my iPhone, constantly, just to see if I missed anything. (Kind of like being back in HS again. Just had my 20 year reunion:)
Back up applications - "just in case:)"
TwitterFon - This is my current application of choice:)

It is quite ridiculous to try to "catch up" on tweets when they are coming in at 200 per 20 min.. Yet I find myself trying to scroll down through all of them at every chance that I get. That is only because I am "following" a lot of people.
I think I hit the twitter "tipping point" about 6 months ago where I really "got it." Not sure people are going to give it the old "college try" before they get to their own "tipping point." At least I can say I was a tweeter and Skyper BO! (Before Oprah)
What will be the next technology time-suck/addiction? Please don't tell me!!!

*Disclaimer - Blogging with children. Please forgive grammar and typos.