It's Leadership Day - 2009

"Today is LEADERSHIP DAY 2009. This is a day in which Scott McLeod, a professor at Iowa State University, invites educators to share why and how we use technology in our careers." (Theresa Reagan one of many of my PLN twitter friends.:)

As a self-proclaimed technology advocate I believe that technology is only one piece of really big leadership puzzle. Throughout my technology learning I have probably done a little of a disservice to my teachers. One of the main reasons I began to use technology is to make my life run more efficiently and to help other principals. I have always said that teachers have the teacher right next door that they can go to at a moments notice. A principal on the other hand does not have a next door principal.

The most powerful benefit I found in all the Web 2.0 tools is opening the door wide to your school. If you use these tools to their potential Web. 2.0,1, 3.0 (whatever everyone wants to call it now) it can be like having a window into your child's day at school. There is absolutely no excuse for a parent not to know what is going on in their student's school....if the school is using these tools(or any webbased tool) to their advantage.

The future is today! I no longer have a tolerance for a fear of technology. Our students have figured it out so it's time to buck up!!!

Twitter Addiction - How bad have you got it?

How addicted to Twitter are you? Are you willing to admit it? I actually just saw a tweet by @stevejmoore regarding a twitter addiction quiz. I don't really need a quiz to determine how bad I am.
Not so much that I actually "tweet" very often but I have to load whichever twitter application I am currently using on my iPhone, constantly, just to see if I missed anything. (Kind of like being back in HS again. Just had my 20 year reunion:)
Back up applications - "just in case:)"
TwitterFon - This is my current application of choice:)

It is quite ridiculous to try to "catch up" on tweets when they are coming in at 200 per 20 min.. Yet I find myself trying to scroll down through all of them at every chance that I get. That is only because I am "following" a lot of people.
I think I hit the twitter "tipping point" about 6 months ago where I really "got it." Not sure people are going to give it the old "college try" before they get to their own "tipping point." At least I can say I was a tweeter and Skyper BO! (Before Oprah)
What will be the next technology time-suck/addiction? Please don't tell me!!!

*Disclaimer - Blogging with children. Please forgive grammar and typos.