Why my presentation totally TANKED!!!

Have you ever presented to an important group of people to get them to think passionately about something and make a hard decision?

Well I did tonight and...IT TANKED!!!!

The purpose of my presentation was to persuade. My task was to persuade the school board to take action/make a decision on something?

My advice:(I am taking full credit for the ultimate demise of the presentation.)
  • When presenting in an innovative way..explain to the audience that the presentation is going to be different than presentations you have seen before. (You need to also know your audience. I think this group would have preferred bullet points, whiz/bang, charts and graphs, small print and lots of color mashing. BUT I AM NOT BITTER!!!:):):)
  • Explain that the handout includes the words and information, but the presentation is going to be just that, a PRESENTATION NOT A READ-A-LOUD!! (Once again, less bitter.)
  • Read the expression on your audience face. I probably should have stopped after the first two slides and asked for questions. The topic was a controversial topic so it really wasn't that the presentation actually tanked. The audience didn't "get it" because there were other "issues."
  • Pauses ??? In my research of good presentation design with PPT, I read that you should pause to let the slide speak for itself. That was awful!!! I should have just whizzed right through it after seeing the expressions on their faces. The pauses were like black holes of silence. (Ok, the other elementary principals were laughing hysterically in the back of the room. They "got it.")
  • Know when to use humor. Clearly I should have STOPPED and just opened it up for questions and turned the presentation off.
  • No regrets. You have to start somewhere. "Digitial immigrants"(for the lack of any newly adopted terms) need to be introduced to engaging presentations at some point. Especially if they play powerful rolls in education. It gets boring after months of "death by ppt."
  • Reflection - I think I am going to call in sick for the rest of the board meetings this year:)
  • Reactions - There were about 10 staff members in the audience that this was going to directly affect and they had the wind knocked out of their sails. I need to wake up early and buy donuts for them in the morning.
Good Night!

iPhone + Document Camera - My 2 Best Friends

This is my first attempt at using the document camera. Oh my gosh!
Some teachers were asking how they could use their iPhone to log their career ladder hours so I used this experiment as my first document camera recording.

*My husband calls at the end of this video. Oops:):):)