Visit to another school...Warsaw, MO

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  1. One of the great advantages of cell phone cameras is you can just whip them out and take pictures of stuff right then. Taking pics of workshop charts is a great way remember visuals without having to copy it all down. Well done.

  2. I really enjoyed your anchor charts. Very detailed and it's very easy to follow. I do have a question though. On slide 18 you have a chart that decodes the grouping of certain students, and then on 19 you have that another chart showing what looks like reading groups. Where do those charts hang? My only concern would be the confidentiality of who's in what group. Is that a similar concern for you?

  3. These charts hang only where teachers can see them. My charts at my school actually hang in a conference room where we have parents meetings. However the chart with the descriptors is covered. Unless you know what the purpose is and how the chart is organized you cannot interpret the information. I hope that answers your question. I was worried about the privacy in the beginning but it is such good information for teachers I think people would understand. Criteria that you think might make a difference (F/R lunch) do not make that significant of a difference in my building.

  4. I just found your blog. I really like it. Thanks for sharing.

    Please visit my principal blog too.

    When I was working on my doctorate, I mainly used the blog as a place to document reflections, but now I'm really looking to encourage more dialogue on my blog.

    I recently posted a comment asking what school administraors think about writing teachers personal notes. Please share your ideas. I'd LOVE to know what you think!

  5. Question answered. I think those anchor charts for teachers are a great idea. I'll see if we can start something like that over here.