I've been "tagged" - 7 things:):):)

NASCAR FAN - I find that people are shocked when they find out that I LOVE to watch car races. It's not just NASCAR necessarily, however that is my favorite. But I just love watching and going to car races.

Scrapbook-aholic - Since I never have time to scrapbook anymore, i.e. have children:), I seem to have become a "scrapbook supply collector." This means I still buy the stuff but never actually scrapbook:):) Kind of like buying clothes that you never wear.

Tech Geek Wanna-be - I love all technology in all it's forms but I often need lots of help to figure things out. Bought a MAC because of peer pressure from @scottelias and still don't know all the bells and whistles of having one:):) Just because I podcast, blog, twitter, FB, etc. doesn't mean I know how to "program" :)

Starbucks Addict - Pretty self explanatory!

Homesick - My husband's family and my family are 4 and 6 hours away. Sometimes I just need a "mom-fix" to see my mom and hang out. I don't think I would ever move back but I wish I could see them more often. That's why we live for Skyping.

I am an indoors person - I wish we could afford to pay a landscaper to plant beautiful flowers and fix our yard up all fancy. Dirt, grass, bugs, extreme cold or hot, allergies etc. keep me from embracing my inner-"green." We support recycling and environmental awareness as long as I don't have to be outside:):):) Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.

Harley Envy - I want a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Let me rephrase that and say I WILL SOMEDAY HAVE ONE. That kind of contradicts my last "thing." My parents have had Harley's for over 10 years now. I used to go on rides with my dad before I had kids and it was so relaxing. Only day long rides for me. Not road-trips and vacations.

There you have it! A once in a lifetime look into the REAL Melinda Miller:):):)