iPhone "App-Aholic"

I always wonder what application other people are using on their iPhones. Recently an article I read talked about how applications are being downloaded for the "wow" factor to show off to your friends. Having just done this by showing someone iFart (Yes I downloaded this moronic program for fun.) What are others downloading? I am not as interested in the "fun" programs as I am in the productivity type programs.

Here's what's on my iPhone: (That I use most often/regularly)

News - I read these in the wee hours of the morning or late night while I am laying down with my kids
  • CNN
  • USA Today
  • New York Times
Social Networking- This is for Twitter. I can't keep up very well but every now and then I can scroll back through to the past post I read and see what has been going on.
  • Twinkle
  • Tweetie - Love the "favorites" option so I can star tweets with links I can use later.
  • Twitterific

Productivity- I don't consider myself very productive lately but these are what I try to go by.
  • Things
  • Grocery IQ - This also has a "favorites" option so I do not have reenter everything every week
  • Fast Notes - I have been using this to document walk-through observations informally. It is for me to keep on track of being visible in the classroom. I can look back and see what classrooms I need to visit.
  • Evernote - This is awesome for taking pictures and writing a note on them.
  • Easy Writer - This is to write email in landscape mode.
Miscellaneous - I'll try to explain each of these.
  • The Weather Channel - This is awesome to help me plan mine and my kids wardrobes for the week.
  • Google - Use this for Google reader
  • Kodak Gallery - My family uploads to Kodak so I have to use this as my photo album instead of a paper wallet photo album.
  • Facebook - Need I explain. See previous post
  • Backgrounds - I change my background all the time just for fun.
  • Bankar...Lite - I am trying to keep track of every single dime I spend to see where my money is going (Starbucks, nails, donuts etc.:))
  • AceBudget - I can enter a budget for Starbucks and then see when I get to my limit:):):)
  • Lose It - Keeps track of your calories. Haven't used it much yet.
  • DarkSlide - Flickr App - Haven't used much but I think it is fixed.
  • LinkedIn - A MO Supt. started a group on LinkedIn but it hasn't really taken off yet.
  • WordPress - Just in case I want to post to my staff blog.
  • Flashlight - Since I never know where I am going to end up for the night (I have two daughters that don't sleep through the night) I sleep with my iPhone under my pillow as an alarm that I can take from room to room. I use this so I don't have to turn the lights on.
  • VoiceNotes - So far I have only recorded my daughters because their voices and laughter are so fun right now
  • Drinks Free - Need I say more:):):)
Games - I guess mostly for my daughter or long drives in the car.
  • LightSaber - One of my teachers has this and we are going to "battle" some day when her kids earn a reward for something.
  • Bejeweled - Game to play in car and at Board meetings
  • MotoChaser - I am terrible at this
  • Flick Bowling - My 3 year old can now play this a little bit
  • PaperFootball - Don't play much anymore
  • iFish - For my husband but he now has the iTouch.
  • Animals - For Alyson
  • Scribble - My 3 year old LOVES this one.
  • Dice - You shake your iPhone and the dice rattle. Very fun.
  • iFart - Just because it's funny, sort of.
Well there you have it! Maybe this will help you choose some programs. I haven't been keeping track of the prices of these which is why I need the Bankar programs. What are you using?