Happy New Year!!!

If I were any good at keeping at New Year's resolutions mine would be to blog post regularly. Unfortunately this year I have been so busy I haven't made any new year's resolutions. Yipeeee!!! Oh, I have some swirling around in my head...the old faithfuls...lose weight, save money, be a better wife and mother, be more thankful outloud, etc. I will work on all of these as will all of you.

(I haven't finished my project pictured to the left. If I wait til the cups are filled I won't have time to write this post. So this is a "post-on-the-fly"!)

Today I am working quietly in my office. B.C. = Before children I was so good at little "feel good" things for my teachers like treats on their desks and notes of thanks or good job. A.C. = After Children I am terrible with all that. I want to do it but I can't even get the diaper bag packed some nights. Well at least I am off to a good start...sort of.

With the all that is going on the world I feel it is going to be a challenge to keep my teachers motivated and keep their eye on the "prize," the children. I know it is even hard for me at times. Today I bought some "cute" border paper and wrote a Happy New Year's letter to leave on their desks for their return. I bought the plastic champagne glasses at the party store and will fill them with chocolate and place them with the letter on their desks. It is just a small motivational letter about remembering that we are making a difference.

After reading Dave Sherman's post about his blogging story, I have reflected on mine. The sole purpose I feel that I started blogging was to share tangible/doable ideas with other principals in hopes that they would share-back. It has worked! Lots of ideas come from my "network" and I am very appreciative of all of it. I just hope that I "give back" enough to them.