February Teacher Motivation

The month of February can be a loooooooong month! Sometime there are no breaks to look forward to. Judy Domeny Bowen sings about the February Teacher Blues in her album Teacher Therapy. What better way to liven up the month than to have a little fun?:)

The idea for Fabulous Friday's in February came from a colleague of mine that is a principal at on the other Willard Schools. Rhonda does Fabulous February and does something for each day of the month. I am not able to keep up with that so i just do Fridays. You would have to decide what works for you. With everything that is going on with our economy and all the job stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Maybe you can tweak this to work for your school.

This year we are going to have a theme.."Guess Who?" You may have done a rendition of this in your school but I am going to lump them all together into 4 Fridays.
Below is the letter to the teachers. I put this on fancy Valentine paper and then put it in their mailboxes.

"We have a theme this year!!! Below is a list of the Fridays in February and the PICTURE that you need to bring to participate. Nikki will be creating a bulletin board outside the office that we will change weekly to display our mystery pictures. This is meant to be as little work for you as possible. Just for fun!!!

You can start turning your pictures in to Nikki ASAP. If you do not have a picture you are welcome to check out my digital camera to take some.

Each week there will be a “form/test” that goes with each theme for you to guess and turn in your answers. Since this will be in the hallway you are welcome to have your students help or play along.

Feb. 6 - Guess who's...Feet?
Feb. 13 - Guess who's...Spouse/Significant other?
Feb. 20 - Guess who's...Pet?
Feb. 27 - Guess who's...on Vacation?

Secret Pals: We also have Secret Pals in February. This has been a lot of fun in the past so if you have never “played” let this be your year to try it out. Someone from Service Committee will come around for you to draw your secret pal Jan. 30 and the sneakyness begins Feb. 2nd. We will have the BIG REVEAL Monday February 23 after school. Everyone is welcome to come to the BIG REVEAL"