Facebook Junkie

Over the holiday break I added ONE MORE THING TO KEEP TRACK OF! AHHHHHH!!! Facebook. Now I am an addict!

Beginning - I actually joined Facebook last year at this time by peer pressure from Scott Elias my podcasting friend from Colorado. At the time I didn't really "get into it" because of the time factor and I already try to keep up with blogging and twitter. Well...my mom called me a couple of weeks ago and said that my younger brother's "status" on Facebook had changed to "in a relationship." Of course this is very interesting to me because what better way to make fun of your younger brother than online for everyone to see.(Just kidding) I guess that also intrigued my older brother into signing up too. So keeping with the competitive nature of our family, I HAD to sign on, of course:):):)

Having no idea what I was doing I posted some ridiculus "status updates" a few times. Of course I then downloaded the app for my iphone and all is history now. The really cool things is the amount of people that I have lost track of over the years that are now on Facebook. I can see their family pictures and what they are up to and everything. We are in the middle of planning our 20 year class reunion and it is a great way to make connections with old classmates.

Middle...I guess I will just continue to "be friends" with everyone. At first my goal was to have more "friends" than my brothers. But once I figured out what it was all about I don't really care how many friends I have I just enjoy catching up with old friends.

End...There is no end in sight once you are hooked on Facebook. I can see how people come and go to their accounts because it can be so addicting. There are a lot of people that I wish were on Facebook and I will now start mission of converting them:):):)