Assessment Wall Pre-Post

You may be wondering a "pre-post" is. Well let me just explain. I have been wanting to post about our assessment wall since November and it never works out. Yesterday I used my Flip video camera to record the wall and tell about it and now my Flip video camera doesn't work AGAIN!!! Already sent it back once.

An assessment wall is something that I heard about 3-5 years ago. Some of the schools that are going through the Missouri Reading Initiative have the walls. It is a very visual way to see where all the students in our school fall in reading ability. You can incorporate other subject areas into the wall but our focus is reading.

The picture above is our wall in it's infancy back in November. I have better pictures of it now that will be in my "real post" about this wall:):):) I hope to have close up pictures or a video that you can see and understand what it is all about.

Here are the basics: (Kindergarten is "yellow" and they are not on the wall in the above picture.)
  • I have 375 students and I am using 5 pocket charts. 4 on one wall and one on the end wall.
  • Each grade level is a different color index card.
  • There are dot stickers on each card to note charateristics of each student. (Red dot = girls, blue dot = boys, yellow dot = IEP, bright blue dot = new student and so on. I hope to be more clear in the next post.)
  • Students names and reading levels are on the BACK of each card.
  • I have 4 of each grade level so each card also has to have a designation mark for each teacher. (Sounds complicated but I think you will understand.)
  • At the very top I have sentence strips that show the range of where each grade level should be.
  • The black with red letters is the guided reading level.
  • The yellow row at the very top of the pocket chart is the DRA level.
Now I am going to go look around my building and see if I can find one of the teachers' flip video cameras that I bought them and try to record with one of their cameras. I may even have the "real post" up by the end of the day.