Thankful for few office referrals

Principals do not tend to discuss how many or few office referrals they have per year, semester, week, quarter etc. My office has seemed pretty quiet lately but I needed some data to see if what I thought was happening was a reality. And it is!!!

Last year at this time our students had accumulated 53 negative office visits. So far this year I have only had 19 negative office referrals. To me that is awesome! But is it really? I wouldn't know because it is not usually a topic of conversation among administrators. I wish I knew if this was a high or low number. Do any of you get data on your school discipline numbers?

I shared this information with my staff last night as a celebration. I attribute this to the quality of my teachers and the relationships they build with their students. Yes, I have had some "unofficial" conversations with some students, but that usually nips the problem in the bud so to speak. Yes, my teachers have come to me for advice about situations and sometimes my advice has been to "send them to the office." Some events need documentation. I truly believe that my teachers put up with a lot and/or develop positive working relationships in their classrooms and with their school families that makes our numbers so small.

The current issue of Educational Leadership is about "Data, Now What?" I have not read all the articles yet but they look great and I hope to read them over the break. So what do I do with these numbers? It is my intention to put this in front of the teachers again at collaborative team meetings/grade level meetings. I will ask, "What are you doing in your classroom that is working?" "Can we share this information with others?" Teachers need credit for this because they are doing good things and in turn good things are happening with our students.