Teacher Fear Factor

My students met their goal of collecting $1,400 in Box Tops for Education. I have actually been waiting 4 years for us to meet a goal so I can join the ranks of principals who have kissed pigs, had pie in the face, been human pizzas, and so on. Well I was inducted into that group last night.

The teacher/classroom that collected the most Box Tops at each grade level had to be a contestant on Teacher Fear Factor. The choices of events were......pie in the face, eat baby food, make-over by students, eat "gross" jelly beans, and kiss a snake. If we met the goal I had to ALL OF THE ABOVE. Well guess what? Last night I did ALL OF THE ABOVE!

I have actually had pie in the face before 5 years ago when I was an asst. principal so I kind of knew what to expect. If you have kids you have probably tasted baby food but not eaten like a whole spoonful and that was pretty gross. The "gross" jelly beans were actually "gross." I ate about 10 and there really was a vomit flavored, pepper flavored, baby wipe flavored, and molded cheese flavored. I can assure you that it was VERY gross to say the least. Hair and make up was ok but we probably needed more colorful supplies and pie in the face was a BIG hit.

The most fun was seeing my teachers participate and be true champs about the whole thing. I have one male classroom teacher and the kids were just dying for him to have to do Fear Factor and when I announced he did they about blew the roof off the gym. He did so good and the other teachers were such good sports. A great time was had by all!

This took place at our year end celebration and we raised $3,500 in raffling off a Wii and side of beef and we live auctioned 13 theme baskets. I am already trying to come up with some challenges for next year that we can meet and I can be "sacrificed" again. Next year I won't be pregnant so there will be choice about the challenges. Please share your stories in case it is a new one that others can use.