Twitter and Me

It has been about 3 weeks since I have taken the plunge and started "twittering." I thought I would give my review since I was so slow to buy into this tool. Okay, I was absolutely NOT going to ever go here!

It all began on EduCon2.0 weekend. If you could not attend the conference in Philly you could send twitters to people who were there and they could communicate for you. I really wanted to participate this way but it took me the whole weekend to figure it out. :) After that weekend I wasn't sure how it would go.

Scott gave me a quick tutorial one evening on Practical Principals. This helped clarify even more. Then I figured out how to get notifications as text messages on my phone and I was SOLD on the tool!!! I probably need to limit the number of notifications on my phone but it's still kind of fun.

Currently I am "following 25" people and only 13 people are "following me." I am still in awe of why they would follow me but it seems really neat. I hope I am contributing as much to their learning as they are to mine. Some of the people I am "following" have over 600 followers!!! What a difference they are making!! Holy cow!
Benefits for me:
    • Quick links to blogs, articles, news that interests me
    • If I need help with something I can send it out to my "twitter" following
    • Keeps me updated with the tech world
    • Something to do during boring meetings (did I just say that?)
There are probably more benefits but it's late and I have brain drain tonight!


  1. Melinda,
    I totally agree...I was not sold on it at the beginning and I know at times I am still unsure...as I am following 86 an donly have 46 following me and I get very behind fast! If I go a couple of hours without looking at twitter, I have to backtrack a lot to figure out what exactly everyone is talking about. However, I think the ability to have fast responses about technology/education questions is the best part!
    I also like all of the neat tools and sites I have become introduced to through twitter. :)

  2. Leave your twitter name to help out!