Talking to Myself???

Okay, I think I am talking to myself! After Educon2.0 and all the "reflective" podcasts that I listen to, I have typed some "reflective" emails to my teachers about meetings we attended together, how a certain school process is going, etc.. You know.........REFLECT! I have now come to the conclusion that I am talking to myself.:)

Not really. My teachers are probably so shocked by this they don't know how to respond. (Teachers are also really busy BTW) As I think about it I don't even think our administrative team has reflective conversations. Always task oriented, info packed, opinionated discussions. Even my own meetings with my staff, no matter how big or small the group, have an "agenda" and heaven forbid I get off track of my agenda.:):):)

In the summer we have a voluntary book study. What makes it easier for me to be reflective at this time and not more times during the school year? I've got it!!! Fear! If I speak reflectively I am not giving directions or "telling them what to do." Teachers aren't big fans of being told what to do anyway so maybe reflective conversations would be more effective?! I may be onto something here, or again, just talking to myself.

I always ask for feedback on topics, or at least I think I do. I guess I should ask my teachers if I request enough feedback. Saying ALL my teachers, is unfair. Some have responded which is much appreciated. Another reason for lack of reflection, on my teachers part, may be the fact that they never know what their pregnant administrator is going to say or do on a given day so it may be better to avoid at all costs. :):):) Hormones!:)

Whatever! I think I am just talking to myself!


  1. Your Blog is very good. I had the opportunity to learn about your Blog at the National Title I Conference in Nashville, TN. It was mentioned at two sessions. One session was facilitated by Pedro Noguero who mentioned to the participants to view your blog in order to learn how school leaders are effectively working with current research. When I took to time to read your blog and the vast online community of educational leaders I was blown away. Thank you for all that you share, it is great. I work as Coordinator of Accountability in a District in Virginia. The tools you are sharing are fantastic and go right in line with our development and training in Professional Learning Communities.

    Thanks again

    Chris Kelly
    Hampton, VA

  2. Thanks Chris! Blogging has been a great way for me to meet other admin. and professionally develop so to speak!

  3. Melinda, keep on trying out the tools and pushing the envelope. We won't know what works or what doesn't unless we try. Ask yourself, would you want your child to be a student in your school. Ask your teachers if they would want your child in their classroom.
    Send Alyson my way anytime! Cheryl

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  5. I just downloaded your last podcast first time listener. I am an elementary principal here in California. I think you will like the Rick Stiggins book. It is simply about accessing kids for learning. You have a new listener, just wanted to say hi. Frank

  6. Welcome Frank! Thanks for listening. Life is a little busy right now and not much time to post or record. I'll have to catch up. The Stiggins book is turning out to be pretty good.

  7. Hello,

    My name is Mike and I am a teacher/administrator in so cal. I have been working on a paper for my masters class related to podcasting and blogging from the administrative perspective and feel you've really started something here. Podcasting can help to decrease the way we communicate to our staff and with the use of blogs could help to get better feedback from our staffs. I was disapointed to hear that the challenge continues to get our staffs to participate. However I believe that if we continue to show them(model) what can be accomplished we will help to get more to join the party. I look forward to reading and listening to future podcasts and blogs. Keep up the fantastic work!

  8. Hi Melinda!
    I agree that the reflective conversations can be powerful, albeit a bit foreign to teachers at first. Have you heard of Cognitive Coaching? It was a beneficial class for me. The planning and reflective conversations (which are its basis) are seamless ways to conduct pre and post observation conferences. Plus, I have learned ways to keep the ownership of issues/problems with the bearer of them! It's helped me tremendously!
    Thanks for the podcasts and blog. I love being able to learn about other administrators' experiences!