I have "blogger's block:):):)

It is such a challenge to come up with things to write about right now. So I will call it "BB" Blogger's Block. I had a very long post about closing school for snow days. But then my Supt. was the only one of 200 and some schools that did NOT call off school yesterday and it voided all my thoughts from the previous day. I am not kidding. We made the news for having school when ALL other schools were not in session.
Twitter has been a lot fun lately. Getting twitter updates on my phone are a nice way to break up the day. It would probably be best to quiet some of them because my phone goes off too many times. Twitter has lead me to some great blog posts. I guess I am just as bad as others about not commenting on blogs lately.
How do you overcome "BB" Blogger's Block?


  1. Does it have to do with your blog having such a singular focus?
    Personally I prefer multifoci blogs, and find it easier to write if I have several subects to write about, and not only sticking to edublogging for instance.

  2. Blogger's Block has a nice ring to it! How do I overcome such a challenge?

    It's hard to say really...I think one thing that works for me is that I look around my school and try to reflect on those things that are working really well and then take time to figure out "why." Also, I will sift through my G Reader and find a post that speaks to me and then put my own twist on their ideas and write about how it may relate to me.

    Lately, I will come up with an idea and then take a couple of days to put a post together. I look around and see what others have already said about the particular topic, link within my post, and try to keep the conversation going.

    Basically, I just fumble along and many times just push myself to write something. To be honest, many times I figure out what it is I am going to say once I get typing. Kinda like this comment.

    Good luck