Having fun with "handwriting" - writing tools

Blogging and typing are fun. Computer copies and archived files are nice when you are in a time crunch. Modeling writing and coloring is not my strength. I would rather type on the computer than "write" any day. I realized I need to do better for my 2 year old.
For the past couple of weeks I started scrapbooking again, a little bit, and writing letters to my children that I will give them someday when they are older. I don't know when and I don't even know if I will remember to write very often but it's been fun.
Since I have been blogging I have a little more confidence in my writing. Oh we can argue over what size pencil to use, if/when kids are ready for pens, etc. Oh and those darned mechanical pencils, but I LOVE those and they are my pencil of choice unless there is a glitter pen or pencil around.
Do you write? What do you write with? What is your "pencil" of choice? What do you allow your students to write with? Does it matter?


  1. With penmanship as bad as mine, I have to use the computer for all of my writing.

  2. Okay, that cracks me up because I know what you mean. My handwriting is okay but for work, I am like you and prefer typing but to use fun fonts depending on who my audience is.:):) Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Melinda
    I don't write anymore - only when I have to! But I find that many of my students still prefer the old pen and paper route - strange given they have grown up with computers unlike me!
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  4. I can barely write anymore. I can sign my name, write a check legibly, but if I write a list or begin to outline something I must have a "fancy" pen to motivate me to continue. Typing is my preferred method.