Happy New Year 2008!!!

I just read through a few of my favorite blogs in my "reader." I actually took my "reader" off my homepage to do away with some of the guilt of not being able to keep up. I am not even sure if anyone still has this blog in their reader. When I started blogging last year I found this to be the most forgiving place of any professional development activity I have participated in.

This post is to "test the waters" before I head back to work after Christmas break. Yes, I said Christmas and will probably continue to do so. My blogging crashed and burned after I found I was pregnant with our 2nd child. This has not been as physically exciting as it was with my 1st child. I will spare you the details other than it was all I could do to run a school from 7:30AM - 4:00PM everyday then come home and raise a 2 year old going on 10. Let's all hope the next 6 months of this "magical experience" is a little more magical:):):) I am thrilled to be having another child after struggling so hard for the first one. Ignorance was bliss the 1st time around!

Catching up on blog posts has been fun this evening. Just a reminder where and what everyone has been up to. A special thanks to Cathy who added me to her "friend's shared items." That is a pretty cool tool that I will have to check out. After I check out twitter of course. I do believe a very kind person set me up a twitter account during my few months hiatus from the technology world.

In March it is my responsibility to run the "internet cafe" for the Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals annual conference. This is an awesome undertaking and I don't want to let anyone down. I may be seeking out my "blog buddies" for some assistance. But until next time it's nice to be back but I can't any promises on my consistency for a while.
Happy New year!!!


  1. Melinda,
    I am still following you and your blog through my Bloglines account. Keep on writing!


  2. Thanks Dave! I have always kept up with your blog as well. Nice way to get ideas and find friends with the same trials and successes.

  3. Welcome back, co-host! Can't wait to get back to the podcasting!!

    Oh - and now that you're "public," congrats on number two!!

    And you know I'm game if you need help with your Internet Cafe!!

  4. Good to have you back!