Giving my teachers a "virtual" tour.......

How do you "show" your teachers a resource room that only 3 people can fit in at a time? Obviously you can't have a faculty meeting in that room. :) Digital pictures are my answers for this!

Our district ordered a large number of new books for our book room. It is going to take quite a while to get them all organized and labeled correctly but I wanted my teachers to be excited and I really think they will get a lot of use out of these materials. My choices of tools were going to be a video, Bubbleshare, or Voicethread. I think Bubbleshare's audio over tool is down for maintenance so I went with voicethread.

Link just in case........



  1. What an incredible way to connect with your teachers since the room is so small. This way, they can get their own orientation at their convenience. Can I share this with my teachers? (College Professor from Educon last session :) ).

  2. Absolutely!!! Use all you want. That's what it's there for. Enjoyed our chat.