K12 Online Conference

I am VERY excited about the K12 Online conference!!! I believe I stumbled upon the 2006 conference in February even though it had been out since October. If you are newbie, as I was last year, please check out the "first timers" page on the main page.

This is a completely FREE experience and there are around/over 40 presentations. Presentations are in mp3 form and movie or mp4 form. I downloaded the majority of them to my iPod last year and will probably do the same this year.

There are also some "live" events you can participate it but thank heaven for the iPod. With a two year old at home the only "live" information I get is from a very verbal 2 year old daughter!!!:):):)

The Keynote address by David Warlick is posted and ready to download.

Willard teachers can fill out the PD form and get professional growth hours at their convenience, and earn professional credit for these FREE workshops. It just doesn't get any better than this!!!

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  1. Melinda, Yeah for you encouraging your staff to participate in k12online conference. I took the K12 2006 conference for graduate credit last year at it was so well worth it.
    Check out Flat Agents of Change with the Seedlings, Bob,Cheryl and Alice, also check out WOW2.0, and my favorite Lisa Durff, Web 2.0 technlogy on a shoestring!

    see you ,