Still here and crazy busy!

Yes, I am still blogging! I have not been doing a very good job of time-management this week so I haven't completed many of the tasks on my to-do lists.

Tonight Scott and I will be podcasting with our special guest the MAESP (Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals) President Julie Germann. We will be discussing "practical strategies" of how principals can be involved in the reauthorization of NCLB! This will be episode 03 and we are having a blast. So tune in next week when Scott publishes our show on "The Practical Principals."

You may be wondering what has been keeping me so busy. Okay, if you are principal, mom, college student, teacher, etc. you don't wonder, you already know. Here are some of my projects from the week besides bus discipline, mad parents, classroom discipline, SRO visits, attendance letters..........do I need to go on? Now for the fun(ny) business.................

My new "school blog" - To The Point

Voicethread project with the 4th graders:

Rock You slide show

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