It's Official... The Practical Principals Have 'Arrived'

Yesterday Scott Elias and I officially launched the Practical Principal's podcast "What you didn't learn in grad school." Not that either of us have anything else to do.... work, kids, Dr. programs, etc. We just think there are a lot of conversations out there that can benefit school administrators!

I am convinced that nothing prepares you for the principal-ship as much as much as the principal-ship itself. You can discuss scenarios, write reflections, and "what if" all day long. But until you wear the hat, you have no idea the ride you are in for.

We will try to brief so all you busy principals can listen in your car on the way to and from work. We are NOT know-it-alls. Of course I would like to think I know everything! :):):) Check out our first episode and tell us what you think.
Kudos to Scott and all his hard work on our blog and 1st episode!!!

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