Podcasting with the "Prez"

No, I do not mean George Bush! The Practical Principals's guest for episode 03 will be MAESP President Julie German. Last night Scott and I had the pleasure of recording a conversation with Mrs. Germann. Our topic was about getting involved politically in this busy job that we already have.
We can't wait to get this episode "mashed-up" so you can enjoy it. This is a light-hearted but fun way to learn about getting involved politically and why it is important. Sure we are all busy but our voices and stories need to be heard. You may be wondering how in the world anyone could put a "fun" spin on politics but I believe we did it.

Tune in next week for episode 03!

Still here and crazy busy!

Yes, I am still blogging! I have not been doing a very good job of time-management this week so I haven't completed many of the tasks on my to-do lists.

Tonight Scott and I will be podcasting with our special guest the MAESP (Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals) President Julie Germann. We will be discussing "practical strategies" of how principals can be involved in the reauthorization of NCLB! This will be episode 03 and we are having a blast. So tune in next week when Scott publishes our show on "The Practical Principals."

You may be wondering what has been keeping me so busy. Okay, if you are principal, mom, college student, teacher, etc. you don't wonder, you already know. Here are some of my projects from the week besides bus discipline, mad parents, classroom discipline, SRO visits, attendance letters..........do I need to go on? Now for the fun(ny) business.................

My new "school blog" - To The Point

Voicethread project with the 4th graders:

Rock You slide show

Shameless Plug Alert

Episode 02 of the Practical Principals is out!!! "Walk this way" talks about walk-through observations. Scott and I even have a guest! Mike of EdleaderWeb shares his thoughts and practices about CWT. We even created a "supporting documents" page that has forms you are free to use and share alike. If you like something please share back with us. Enjoy!!!

This is the second post with correct spelling. At least now you know I am human.

1st Day of MRI Training

The Bubble Share included in this post is of our 1st day of training for K and 1st teachers. Bubble share only allows me to leave a 30 min. voice over on each slide. For those of you who know me realize that it is hard for me to get a lot of info in 30 seconds.

You must click on the "play" arrow at the bottom of the show and make sure your sound is turned up!

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ALC/PLC Podcast

I just uploaded my most recent podcast.

Practical Principals Podcast
WOW of the Week - Talks about my tutoring program
Book Pick - The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork by John C. Maxwell

Show content talks about our school and districts journey through the Accelerated Schools process/Accelerated Learning Communities/Professional Learning Communities. Not very detailed but gives you an idea of our school used collaboration.

After you listen if there is anything I can elaborate on please comment and I will do that for you! Thanks for listening!!

Friday Funny....Desktop Icons

In my Thursday blog post to my teachers I mentioned to them that if they didn't have the Teacher Handbook as an icon on their desktop yet that it would be pretty "rewarding" for them to have displayed by Friday. I was going to come around check. Doesn't that sound better than, "Have your icon displayed or else!"? (For my teachers who read this blog this is where I want you to close your eyes or scroll past this.) I like to buy treats and things for the teachers whenever I can so I had planned to give them all a treat regardless of whether they had the icon. I just wanted to see who or how many would at least make the attempt. Little did I know..............

I started to download "Jing" the night before so I could even send a screencast of how to it. It took forever to download so I had to get home for dinner. So basically I just emailed what I thought were simple directions. Let the games begin!!!
I sent a reminder email Friday morning and gave them about an hour(not really, they had students but some could attempt) Got to the first classroom, no icon. Next classroom, no icon. 3rd classroom, brand new K teacher ICON success. By the time I got to the 4th classroom magically all the files disappeared from the server. I immediately realized that some had "moved" the icon rather than create a shortcut. No problem, back to my office replace the file. By the time I got down the hall to the next classroom everything was gone AGAIN!!! It was actually comical because I knew what was happening.

Bless their hearts they were trying to do it and by now I am sure they all knew that I was bringing around candy bars. I finally had to go to my office and email them all to STOP trying to get the desktop icon so I could get around to all computers and make sure it was there or put it there for them. I emailed them all at the end of the day and told some of them and they got just as big a kick out of it as I did.

Lessons learned:
  • Make sure to create screencast next time no matter what.
  • Rewards are better than ultimatums.
  • Even the simplest tech task is not simple for EVERYONE.
I don't know who kept "stealing" the teacher handbook but was a fun adventure for me and I think by now my teachers can create a desktop icon. What will my next task be????

It's Official... The Practical Principals Have 'Arrived'

Yesterday Scott Elias and I officially launched the Practical Principal's podcast "What you didn't learn in grad school." Not that either of us have anything else to do.... work, kids, Dr. programs, etc. We just think there are a lot of conversations out there that can benefit school administrators!

I am convinced that nothing prepares you for the principal-ship as much as much as the principal-ship itself. You can discuss scenarios, write reflections, and "what if" all day long. But until you wear the hat, you have no idea the ride you are in for.

We will try to brief so all you busy principals can listen in your car on the way to and from work. We are NOT know-it-alls. Of course I would like to think I know everything! :):):) Check out our first episode and tell us what you think.
Kudos to Scott and all his hard work on our blog and 1st episode!!!