My 1st Leadertalk Post!!!!

Many of the contributors to Leadertalk cross-post on their personal blogs so here goes......The following can be found at the Leadertalk blog for/by school leaders!!!
Motorcycle Training??? What?!

Welcome to my first Leadertalk post! I am so humbled to be part of such an experienced team of leaders and have the opportunity to virtually talk with all of you on a daily basis. So humbled I guess that my 1st original post is out there in the virtual world somewhere since my post was for the 4th and it is still nowhere in sight!

Anyway, on with the show! What in the world is this principal blogging about motorcycle training??? This evening when I was working at my school, a group of people were using the school parking lot to help a friend learn how to ride a motorcycle. First, two people were pushing the rider on the motorcycle. Then they were walk/jogging along beside her. Finally, she was on her own and you could hear the squeals of joy as she made one lap around my parking lot all by herself! It was amazing to watch as grown adults were squealing like kids and giggling and laughing. I can relate as I teach my 1 1/2 year old how to ride a tricycle! My point............

THE KIDS ARE COMING! THE KIDS ARE COMING! The excitement this particular person, a lady to be specific (a Chopper chick:):):) is the excitement that is going to be bursting through our doors in a little more than week. When was the last time you were excited about learning something new? What was it? How did you feel? Multiply that by the number of students at your school and that is what they are going to be feeling the first day of school and many more days after that.

I guess I am a pretty brief "poster." I am sure that will change as time goes on. Thanks for inviting me to the conversation and please be kind in your first comments. Once I 'make one lap by myself' in this blogging universe I'll be ready for the cold hard truth about my posts!!!!