Live Podcasting!!!

Okay so maybe there is no such thing as "live" podcasting. This week I recorded two presentation/workshops that I did for two different groups of staff members. This was my first attempt at recording myself live EVER. That might be an exaggeration but I can't think of another time I watched myself present on video or listened to myself on tape.

Lessons learned so far:
  • I need to work on my grammar during my presentations. When you are there it is one thing, but when you don't know me and you listen on a podcast I sound really 'hick-ish."
  • You have to get over hearing your own voice. It's not about me. It's about providing help/service for other people.
  • Editing takes longer.
  • I have to actually listen to the whole thing before I upload it. I have just been uploading everything 'raw.'
  • A separate intro for 'live' recordings is important because it is a little different than my regular episodes.
  • My voice recorder has a mic that I can clip to my shirt. I can un-clip the mic and hold up to anyone who asks a question. That way I do not have to amplify anyone. Still some amplification necessary.
  • Cut out dead space. When you present you are sometimes gathering your thoughts and there is dead space.
  • If you have 'visual aids'.........ppts, work samples, etc. be descriptive in your podcast.
  • Let your audience know you are recording the episode and where they can find it. During the workshop you may have to say something that sounds weird to the people present but they need to know you are talking to two audiences.
  • Don't put so much pressure on yourself. I am trying to do too many things right now and I have to remember that I can upload my stuff at any time. Not 30 seconds after I record it.
After thought: I wanted to record my faculty meeting today but it didn't seem right. I think it wigged the teachers out and there was a saw going in the background. I finally decided it was a really bad idea when one of my staff members jokingly, hypothetically said something that would sound right on a podcast. I guess some meetings are just going to have to be sacred. I will still attempt to record workshops though because I think that is appropriate.

Tune in soon to hear about my newest toy!!! I tell you what, this blogging and podcasting is getting hard on my wallet!!! I hope others are benefiting but I just enjoy it.

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