I caved!!! Time to admit it.

I finally caved and bought a Palm Treo. May not be the "newest" gadget in the world but it is to me. I bought the palm phone about 4 years ago but took it back because it just seemed large and ridiculous. I have had a palm since they came out forever ago and loved it at first.
When I became a principal I had to go back to paper because things happen so fast in my job. But carrying around a clipboard, or notebook, or the paper pocket planner wasn't working either. So then I had cell phone, Palm, address book, iPod, and was carrying a calendar AND clipboard from school every day. CRAZY!!!

I played around with Janetta's for a while and it seemed very practical for me. Holy Cow! It's changed my life! I know, I know, EVERYTHING is changing my life lately. But here is why:

  • They keypad is wonderful. Trying to write with the freaking stylus all the time drove me crazy because I wanted everything spelled right all the time and the stylus has a mind of it's own.
  • Texting is easier. Yes, I am a texting crazy person. (By the way, spell checker needs to update it's bank of word to include the 21st century words.) My husband says I am a "loud phone talker" so I text in the car instead of call people. Probably not so good on their wallets but I paid for the "plan." :)
  • Check email anywhere - Now I am not really sure about this yet. Still tweaking. I keep getting the same emails that I have deleted and I get all my own emails that I have sent people. When I opened my email last night on my phone I had 77 emails but only 3 of them were actually new.
  • Email pictures to my family. When i am outside playing with my daughter I can take her picture and send it to my family all over the place. I took a picture during lunch doodie today and sent it to my mom just for fun.
  • Datebook 3 or 6 - These are palm calendar programs that allow me to include my "to do" items each day. On paper I was having a hard time keeping track of my to do lists. With this they are all somewhere in this gadget.
  • I can WEAR IT!!! This isn't so easy since I do not wear belts. I have always had a hard time wearing cell phones etc. because I wear skirts and slacks that don't need belts. i still take it off and leave it in the bathroom but everyone always turns it back in for me.
  • Supports my observation software - This was big for me. I have changed PDA's 4 or 5 times and my software never syncs. This was going to be the live or die moment but it sync'd perfectly and I don't have to retype all my phrases.
  • I can hear it! - Some cell phone brands are hard to hear out of. I was a huge Nokia fan but really wanted a pink razor. I "suffered" through having a pink razor for the past 2 - 3 years. I have to play around with the ringtones but I can hear the person on the other end as well as I could with my Nokia.
  • Thinking on the go - As I am all over the place in my building I can add to my to do list if people ask me things or stop me in the halls for something.
  • Multiple to do lists - Here's what I have: grocery, Walmart, IPA (teacher supply store), Lowes, staff blog, posts for this blog, Pride blog (weekly district blog we are required to post to), capital projects, custodians, Betty (my secretary), faculty meetings, newsletter, Staples, A-team, and E-team. When I run out of to do categories I start new categories in the Memo. I know that is pretty pathetic. As if the previous list isn't enough.
  • Word and excel documents - I can download any file I use regularly onto my palm in Documents to Go. I can create any Word or Excel document I need, on the go, on my palm.
  • Internet Access - Of course I am not going to admit that I pay more for internet on my phone than I do in my home but it is so worth it. I'll probably save money not having to call 411 for phone numbers since i can look them up on the web. Well not that much money.
  • Keypad - did I mention the keypad? That is the best part that has kept me with it.
  • Price - $200 after rebate and the data plan is a lot. Still cheaper than the iPhone I think.
  • I still forget to carry it everywhere.
  • Fear of dropping it.
  • Fear of it crashing.
  • My make-up gets on it when I use it as a phone.
Well, I'm tired and I am sure there is more to write but sleep would be good. So glad it is Friday