Going Green!

With the recent hype about "Going Green" why not?! Here are my two new office plants. One is supposed to be hanging but since I am a novice I did not know there were special pots to hang from. Live and learn I guess but you have to start somewhere.

Today is my official day back to the office. We received our 'welcome back' email from our supt. this morning so I guess it is official.

I should explain some of the items in my photo before I proceed. I am sure you have many questions. Especially about the crab hat! The crab hat idea came from a PLC conference in St. Louis a few ago. The thought behind this is, how can you be crabby if you are wearing this hat? It is true actually. I haven't worn it very often but if I do the kids get a kick out of it and we all laugh. You just CANNOT be crabby in this hat. Lots of pictures of Alyson of course. My husband bought me the digital picture frame for Mother's Day this year. He knows me too well! This has been an excellent addition to my office and great conversation starter.

You might also notice the BIG red barn in the background out my office window. Yes, I look at this every day. Most days there are cows out there but I don't see them anywhere today. Must be a pond farther back. It is especially exciting when it is 'branding' day. That happens right in front of the barn for the whole world to see and hear. The students have never commented on this but I don't know how they can tune it out.

The tiger stripes and black theme go with our school mascot the white tiger. I tried to crop out the candy jars. I ALWAYS have candy and that is probably not very 'green' example.

As far as my 'going green' theme for the year it comes from some other blog posts and beginning to realize what is at stake for the future of my own daughter and other children. The nice lady who sold me these plants asked me where I worked. When I told her, I told her I thought I should set a good example and she actually thanked me. PRESSURE!!! And to think my short term goal is to just keep these alive until school starts!#$%^&

We have started to use more chemical free cleaners in our house and trying to eat better. My husband is going to begin training for a marathon and it is a good time for me take better care of myself and set a good example for my daughter. (I haven't given up Starbucks and sweet, mocha, coffee drinks. Starting slow:):):):) Now that I have posted this I am sure everyone will keep me accountable.

What can you do to "Go Green?" If I can buy a plant.........and keep it alive????? All kidding aside I think this is an issue that is going to be on the front burner SOON.