Classroom Walk Throughs

Below I have posted pictures of a tool that I use for CTW's. This is a very non-tech tool and easy to create. I got this idea from a post at Ed LeaderWeb by Mike "How Do You Walk?"
There are a lot of good comments on this post as well. Be sure to go read that one.

This is a tool that I use for quick trips through the classroom. Mostly positive feedback but if there is something that I see that needs address, I will address it. The idea comes from a workshop on conferencing with students during reading and writing and how to document student conferences.
I want my teachers to know that I too get something out of workshops. As well and try to model the techniques learned in a way that works for me as a principal. Of course teachers can take these ideas and really run with them. But this is my attempt at implementing this in my role in education. :)

I have tried everything!!! Palm program walk-throughs, checklists, tally charts. You name, I tried it! I am very visual so this really worked for me. This folder is clipped to the back of my clipboard so I it is easy to carry. It can also be immediate feedback, where I had to carry my palm back to my office and upload everything, copy it, etc. Blah!!!!! Too much time for my busy world. My goal is to leave one note per month. Okay, so last year I think I left 2 as opposed to my 9 goal!#$%^& You have to start somewhere! Once all the post-its are gone I fill up the folder again and can use thematic post-its. (There are pumpkins, mittens, snowmen, apples, etc.) The pictures below are my generic post-its because I haven't picked up any thematic notes at the teacher supply store yet. You can actually do more than one a month by putting tally marks by the teachers names if you would like.

You may be wondering if I only go into classrooms once a month? Well heaven's no!!! I just try to leave written feedback once a month.

Teacher uses: Teachers can use post-its for reading running records, comments about student conferences for their own notes, use these to tally things, etc. Teachers could also use labels and stick labels in individual file folders for each student.