Tech Tools for Administrators Part 1

I just finished posting my latest podcast. Using technology has improved my professional life and is currently taking over my personal life! I don't say that to be negative but this has become my summer hobby in a good way.
I wasn't able to get through all of the technology that I use because I was running out of time so I will have to break this podcast up into parts. We will just see how it goes.
Below are some links to some of the things I mention in my podcast: (I am going to start working on a wiki for all my podcast notes, I think.)

You can see the difference between my Daily Bulletin Blog and my Professional/Personal blog.
Weekly district blog.
Google calendar page of my daily bulletin blog
Example of a post I used Zoho Polls
My video ipod

Let me know if I left anything out and I will post a link. Please share tools you think might help my teachers and other administrators! Thanks for reading and listening!

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