Podcast help???

For those of you who have journeyed with me through the excitement of podcasting.........I've almost got it! But I still need some help. What do teachers want to hear from principals and/or what do principals want to hear from other principals? As valuable as my time is I have gained so much from the professional development of podcasting that I want to bring those benefits to others.

To the left is a link to my podcasting page on Podomatic. I have gotten used to Podomatic so I am going to stick with it for the summer at least if not longer. Here is a direct link to my Podcast Page. One of my previous posts talks about my equipment and this podcast is about how I put it together using Windows Movie Maker for the lack of knowing how to use any other equipment yet.

I would really like to thank Wes Fryer for helping me find the music and sound bites. Just by commenting on his blog he commented back to give me some links. Very helpful! I will always have to give credit to The Women of the Web for all their help and inspiration. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I try to listen to their live web cast every Tuesday night.

Derek Miller for the music.
Laughter sound bite
Mr. Gann's Class website, class blog, and Champ Cast (podcast)
Mrs. Sechler's website
Smartboard Lessons Podcast at pdtogo.com

If you could have discussions with your principal, what would you want to know?