Mom Guilt - Blog survey

I recently participated in a survey about "who's coming to dinner." A survey about who is out there in the educational bloggoshpere. I believe the results came back with more men than women participating in the discussion. There has been discussion about the scarcity of women bloggers.

Blogging has been a tremendous experience for me. Good and bad. The good is all the great people I have been introduced to and having conversations with. I also feel I have grown in my writing and professionally. I now have a new tool to find ideas outside of my own district, state, and most surprisingly country!

Now for the bad.............MOM GUILT! I have a 20 month old daughter and I have to draw the line sometimes. You may be thinking, "Where exactly is she drawing the line? She is podcasting and blogging all the time." But that is not true. Okay, maybe a little. I have to budget my time a little more carefully. When I am with my daughter and husband I am truly with them. Currently my daughter is napping. For the 15 min. it took her to fall asleep I was listening to a podcast on my iPod.

It has also been refreshing to see all the family pictures on male bloggers sites and hearing them discuss them in their podcasts. Our kids are the motivation behind our passion for what we do. I want my daughter to look up to me and respect me rather than Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. Good grief! Can you imagine? I am not naive, I know we will go through the eye rolling, I hate my mom stage but this stage is great! I want to enjoy every minute!

I have about one hour to do laundry, pick up toys, prepare for wake-up snack and dinner. You all know the routine. Anyone else feeling some MOM GUILT? How do you cope? What are your organizational strategies? Dad guilt stories are welcome as well. I know being an administrator keeps everyone away from their family at times.