I have been playing around with Bubbleshare for a while now. Edublogs didn't allow bubble share and now it might so I will have to try it there too.

I am always trying to think of ways my technology can help my teachers. I carry my digital camera with me everywhere and happened to have it at this workshop. This was a workshop on Literacy stations sponsored by BER. There were so many great artifacts that I could take pictures for my teachers that did not attend. They could use the pictures to create the items themselves. I am still evaluating how my tech interest can help my teachers. It sure could make their jobs easier and my feeling is that this could really engage students.

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Just about every tool has a way to add it to your blogs now. I need to do better explaining how I do these things. That is one way I could help my teachers. As I have said before, I just kind of take things on and try it. Not a whole lot of thought the first time I dive into something. I have always wanted a better way to share pictures because I have TONS of pictures to upload and share. Please share other ways I could use bubbleshare to benefit my teachers. Oh, I just thought of one! Tune in next time.