WOW 2.0 - Tuesday night webcasts

For the past two months I have been tuning in to WOW 2.0 webcasts. This is a live webcast hosted by the Women of the Web, teachers,Cheryl Oakes, Jennifer Wagner, Sharon Peters, & Vicki Davis , involved in discussions about using technology in education. This has been an amazing experience and unbelieveable professional development, FOR FREE!!

Tonight's chat was with Brian Crosby of LearningisMessy blog. Brian has been using Skype to include a homebound student with lukemia in his class every day. The student signs on in the morning and can listen in and view Mr. Crosby's class each day. Isn't it about time we heard some positive Tech Talk on the airwaves?! Seems like every time we turn around MySpace is in the news for something negative or cell phones are getting bad wrap again. This discussion was 'technology GONE RIGHT!'

This summer jgarton from Fusion Finds, Bob from R2TechnoBlog, and I are hosting 6 open lab times for teachers to come in and work on projects they already have started. We want to promote technology and give teachers some assistance so they feel more comfortable taking risks. I don't have many signed up but I am going to continue to promote this and talk about it so teachers can get some assistance and try new things.